Thinking about the future is exciting. Whether it’s the fun escapism of Star Wars or the grim reality of 1984, dreaming of the future has captured our efforts and imagination for hundreds of years.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the future of my profession. In my last post, I explored the differences between marketing and public relations. During my research, I ran across two articles that really got my gears turning. First, Writing for Forbes, Glenn Gray, vice president of an integrated marketing firm, states that public relations firms are evolving and “the lines between third-party journalism and consumer journalism are [becoming more] blurred.” In plain English, the objectives and strategies of PR and marketing are becoming more and more closely aligned, especially with how they impact businesses. And second, in an article for Wired, Adam Levene writes that design will become a major driving force in branding, marketing, and technological development.

With marketing, public relations, and design converging, the future these two gentlemen envision is one where marketing departments and firms will act as the nerve center for all public-facing material.

The marketing firm of today will be gone. The marketing team of the future won’t just to do SEO and social media management, instead businesses will be consulting these firms or even their own in-house teams to suggest brand overhauls, handle media interactions, and essentially act as guides through the ever more connected world we will live in.

But this is a good thing! This “futuristic” marketing is already being done in what is known as integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is comprehensive and cohesive in ways traditional marketing strategies just aren’t. It comes with a steep learning curve as the marketing team needs to be well-grounded in research to make it effective, but it allows for flexibility, agility, connection, and reach in ways that are unparalleled in the marketplace today.

As we have grown over the last 8 months, Chiedo Marketing has embraced integrated marketing as the way we run our business. Originally, we started off offering SEO, Social Media Management, and Digital Advertising services, but as we have grown, we are steadily moving into the worlds of graphic design, photography, content editing and creation, and long-term brand strategy, with a focus on measurable and business-focused ROIs and KPIs.

So what does the future hold? No one knows for sure, but like pioneers across occupations have shown, the future doesn’t just happen, it is simultaneously dreamed and created, as much alive in our minds and on our whiteboards as it is when that first game-changing offering hits the shelves or gets picked up by a tastemaker. We as a company hope to be on the frontier of innovation and at the top of our game to better serve our clients and to make a future that’s worth living in.

As always, contact us if you are interested in working together, we’re not using hologram transmissions yet, so email and phone will have to do. If you’re unsure if we do something, ask us about our services, you might be surprised!