HARRISONBURG, Virginia—During the last weeks of 2016, local startup Chiedo Inc. brought a local IT company into the Chiedo line of businesses. The aptly named Chiedo IT is the company’s first foray into the world of technical support with a vision to serve small and mid-sized businesses in the Shenandoah Valley in addition to remote clients.

The new business was built off of a local IT company first started by Embry Riddle graduate Josiah Weaver. Despite being rebranded as Chiedo IT, the company will still helmed by Weaver, but with the addition of local technology guru Philip Langeberg and entrepreneur Chiedo John. The trio bring more than 25 years of combined experience to the table, providing a wider range of IT solutions than before.

Chiedo IT specializes in data protection and recovery services, tech support and network management, helping businesses navigate the cloud, and consulting with business owners to determine what information technology solutions are best for them.

Striving to provide not only exceptional services, but a great customer experience as well, the Chiedo IT website boasts, “Geeks don’t have to be boring … We plan to serve our customers to the best of our ability and hopefully also leave them with a couple of laughs before we leave.”

Chiedo IT is the third company founded under the Chiedo Inc. umbrella. The other subsidiaries include Chiedo LabsMarketing, and Cyber, which offer services in the realms of software development, search engine optimization and online marketing, and cybersecurity, respectively. Chiedo Inc. plans to grow over the next decade, branching out to other services and acting as a launchpad for new startups.

Are you a small business looking for support? Do you have questions about The Chiedo Companies. and the work we’re doing? Interested in some of the services we offer? Feel free to email us at contact@chiedo.com or give us a call at 540.391.0503!