What are your thoughts when you look at this ad?

What about this one?

If you’re anything like me, your eyes probably went every which way trying to figure out what to look at. You probably tried reading the heading, but were eventually distracted by even larger text that was practically screaming for attention on another area of the ad, and then the images and word art sealed the deal. Let’s face it– these are, well… horrible.

While these are extreme examples of bad graphic design, it is not uncommon to see designs similar to these in print and online. You may even see ads like this third graphic, where you see a solid attempt to make it simple yet interesting, but it just doesn’t cut it.

Many companies are unaware of how graphic design impacts their branding, marketing, and business in general. Design plays a major role in communicating who the business is, and in turn, how they will be perceived by their audience. In marketing, “image is absolutely everything”, and it is the responsibility of marketers & marketing agencies to recognize the importance of having great designs for their businesses.

From billboards, websites, books, restaurant logos and menus, design is everywhere. With the tools available today, there is no excuse to have a bad logo or website that can’t even be navigated. While some businesses may not utilize graphics for digital marketing and advertising, I believe they are essential. Portraying information visually is one of the most effective ways to connect with your followers. Images have a way of grabbing our attention, and a user online is more likely to stop scrolling if they see something that is visually appealing. There is so much information to sift through on the internet, so making your information “snackable” is the best way to improve your company’s visibility. Below are 3 of the best software tools available for you to start making your own graphics and engaging at a deeper level with your audience:


A great place to start with making “snackable information” is Canva. I could go on and on about Canva because I love it SO much. It is such an easy site to use. You get to choose which type of graphic you need and you get right to designing! They have layouts and inspiration to get you started, but you can start from scratch if you’d like. Their font selection is tremendous, and their user experience is almost flawless. As a designer, I use it constantly, and that’s saying a lot considering I am basically a professional with Adobe Illustrator!

Adobe Spark

Another graphic creator that I just recently discovered is Adobe Spark. Adobe normally doesn’t offer free services like this, but yes, IT’S FREE. The homepage goes into detail on how social media graphics are important, and they do a great job of walking a new user through their site. Like Canva, they have wonderful templates to choose from, but you can also start from scratch. They even have a great video creation option if you are looking to compose something a little more engaging.

Adobe Illustrator

If you’re looking to get pretty serious about graphic design, I would suggest investing in Adobe Illustrator through the Creative Cloud. While a little pricey, they offer plans for individual purposes, student/teacher uses, and businesses. If you have a “.edu” email, you get a discount! You can find tutorials on how to use this program virtually anywhere, so you can learning how to use the programs can be done remotely. A great place to start learning is on Adobe’s incredibly helpful tutorial page. It is no doubt that Adobe Illustrator is THE standard for design software. Their cutting edge tools allow designers to make intangible ideas come to life.

In the end, spending a little extra money to create an awesome logo and market yourself with the best ads and website will be an incredible investment for your business. If you see graphic design as a need for your organization, business, or company, contact us for your next big step!